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About F.H. Stories

F.H. Stories was founded by Brian Kalfass and his wife Melissa. Their mission was to have a positive purpose in helping to support the fight against cancer, both in cancer research and patient care. They wanted to give the opportunity to connect fans with their favorite team in a story that brings generations and families together, sharing favorite players, classic traditions and great moments in a book for all ages to enjoy. They were inspired by their amazing son Zachary and their own family experience with recurring pediatric cancer. Throughout their journey, they could always count on their family dogs, Fenway and Hooper, along with their favorite team to redirect their pain and take them away from cancer for a moment. That’s why and how FH stories began, they connected their family dogs along with our passion for the Boston Red Sox to create The Adventures of Fenway And Hooper at Fenway Park. It is our family’s way to help strike out cancer. We teamed up with the DFCI and the Jimmy Fund to help raise funds for cancer research and patient care. DFCI is the world leader in cancer research and treatment care. The Jimmy Fund is an American favorite and a New England tradition. We believe together we can make a difference.

The Champ Program

Stands for: Companies Honoring Amazing Purpose. C.H.AM.P. consists of 10 companies or individuals that share the same desires and passion for helping support cancer research and patient care. This is a program created by F.H. Stories. The CHAMP program partners and participants will commit and donate a dollar for every book sold for The Adventures of Fenway and Hooper at Fenway Park, up to 10,000 books. In doing so, the CHAMP program companies or individuals will be recognized and receive their logo/name in the book on a special page designed for CHAMP partners. All companies will need to be approved and have the same passion for our cause.