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The Adventures of Fenway and Hooper at Fenway Park

The Kalfass Family

Behind the Story

My name is Brian Kalfass, creator and author of The Adventures of Fenway and Hooper at Fenway Park. I reside in Baldwinsville, NY with my wife, Melissa, and children, Zachary, Ayla, Brenner and Chase. The characters are our family’s dogs, Fenway and Hooper. They were instrumental in the role they played in our journey with recurring pediatric cancer. Our son Zachary was diagnosed at age 5 with a Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma. He endured three brain surgeries. A year later, the tumors had grown and he went through a 60-week chemotherapy regimen. At age 14, the tumors grew again and he endured another 60-week chemotherapy regimen. Zachary is now monitored closely and doing well. We are lifelong Red Sox fans who love the city of Boston. The DFCI is the world renown leader in cancer care and research; it is instrumental to support their efforts as all their work helps other communities be better in cancer and patient care. It’s where cancer care all started. Our family wants to make a difference and help strike out cancer in all communities. It’s our way to give back and help other families in need.

Fenway and Hooper, two lovable and adventurous canines, are named after our family’s dogs. Fenway and Hooper played an instrumental role in our family’s journey with pediatric cancer. Their dynamic bond eased our stress, calmed our nerves and brought needed smiles with their endless licks and playfulness. Fenway and Hooper’s unconditional devotion has enriched our family with love and a positive outlook, bringing strength throughout our difficult journey with cancer.

"When you help others in life, it tends to bring the best out of you. So grateful our family can help others affected by cancer." - Zachary

The Dogs

Fenway and Hooper were born on November 1, 2006. Fenway has always been the smaller dog, more mischievous and loves chewing on baseballs and any stuffed animal, or toy he could sneak off with. He also loves a good Fenway Frank to munch on.

Hooper was more laid back and relaxed, always keeping a watchful eye over everything, he loved treats, peanut butter and any leftovers he could get to. He also enjoyed watching the Red Sox with us on TV. Sadly, Hooper passed away in May, 2018.

Fenway, Hooper and Zachary